Friday, October 16, 2020

Why does my dishwasher stop before completing the cycle?

It is a common problem faced by many dishwasher owners but the reason might vary for different appliances. If your dishwasher has stopped in the middle of its cleaning cycle, you must be aware of the reasons that could have caused the issue. Some of these problems can be solved following a DIY route while others will need expert attention. Let us discuss them in detail here:

Disengaged door latch

A dishwasher cannot function without a secured door that engages with the latch properly. It is a safety feature in your dishwasher that prevents leakage. If the door latch of your appliance breaks in the middle of the cycle, your dishwasher will stop working. You will have to manually examine the latch for any issues and clear away the obstruction if any. If, however, you find your dishwasher’s door latch broken, you will have to get it replaced by an expert.

Control Board

The computerized piece inside the dishwasher called the electronic control board is responsible for providing power to its various components. Though this board aka the brain of your dishwasher is made to last throughout the life of your appliance, there might arise a fault in its functioning. If a sudden problem arises in the control board in the middle of the cycle, your appliance will turn off. Due to the complexity of the computerized board, you will have to resort to professional repair services for getting it repaired or replaced. You can trust Revolff Appliance Repair Las Vegas for your dishwasher repair.

Water and its pressure

If the water supply of your dishwasher gets interrupted abruptly, it won’t function properly. There could be a problem with the water valve, the main water supply of your house, or the hose connected to the water valve. Some bigger factors contributing to the restricted water flow include a malfunctioning motor or pump of your appliance. 

Thermal fuse

Many of our appliances, including dishwasher, have an inbuilt thermal fuse to protect the components of the appliance from overheating. On detecting extreme heat, this fuse trips to protect your appliance. Such a fuse is made to function for a single time and needs replacement if it comes to action. You will have to take expert help both for the replacement of the thermal fuse and finding the reason for overheating.

Vent and fan assembly

During the drying cycle, the dishwasher vent opens up to allow the fan to perform its function of taking the moist air out. If either the vent or the fan goes faulty, your dishwasher will stop without completing its drying cycle. You can confirm a problem in the vent or the fan assembly by checking your dishes. If they are wet, you will have to get your vent and fan assembly repaired by an expert.

Hiring professional appliance repair services

Though we encourage you to solve your dishwasher problems following a DIY routine while taking help from our guide above, if you are ever stuck somewhere we are here to help you out. We provide high-quality and affordable appliance repair services for all your household appliances including dishwashers. Our expert technicians can serve you throughout the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

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