Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Why is my dryer making loud noises?

Dryer noise is a very common problem faced by many dryer owners. It could be a squeaking, rattling, grinding, banging, humming, or knocking noise. It might indicate a major dryer repair or just an issue that can be solved at home easily. Let us find out the possible reasons and solutions for such noises.

Reasons for dryer noises

Let us explore the several reasons for the type of noise your dryer is making:

Dryer making a squeaking noise

A faulty drive belt, unlubricated roller wheels, faulty motor, or unlubricated bearings might be the reason behind the squeaking sound produced by your dryer. In dryer regions like Las Vegas, such a problem is more prevalent since dust particles might enter the appliance causing such sounds. Lubrication might solve your problem here but if it doesn’t you must consider booking expert dryer repair Las Vegas services for your appliance.

Dryer making a rattling noise

A rattling noise can be caused by the improper functioning of the blower fan blade. A loose pulley in the dryer’s motor can also be a reason behind such a noise. You can check these parts yourself or take help from a professional.

Dryer making a grinding or squealing noise

Faulty drum bearings can cause grinding or squealing noise in a dryer. You might need to hire dryer repair Las Vegas services and get them replaced by an expert.

Dryer making a thumping or banging noise

Thumping or banging noise might arise due to a torn drive belt, worn out idler pulley, torn felt drum seal, or a loose blower wheel. You can choose to fix loose parts at home, however, worn out dryer parts will require immediate replacement to prevent further damage. Hiring professional dryer repair Las Vegas services will solve your problems.

Our Dryer Repair Las Vegas services

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